Teaching a New Skill

In order to teach a new skill, you need to understand where the other person is coming from, and the only way to do this is to ask questions using the Socratic Method.  This means patiently troubleshooting the person’s knowledge base until they have that defining “AHA” moment! People learn the least by listening, a more by seeing, and the most by engaging and solving the problem themselves. As an educator, your job is to show the other person what they don’t know by highlighting what they do know and allowing them to make connections and bridge their knowledge gap independently. It is very tempting to jump in and insert guidance while the other person is working out the problem, but you must be patient and give the other person space to challenge themselves. Once they begin to work independently, you must then shift gears in order to edit and fervently correct mistakes. Once the person has achieved proficiency, you ask more questions to validate the process they went through so they can remember it when you are gone!


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