What I learned from Being a Team Player

I best demonstrate the value of teamwork. Even a blind man can see and understand the power of a combined effort, and even for someone who lacks sight or has blindness, being on a team and playing to other people’s strengths can make up for one’s individual inabilities.

As an only child, growing up and dealing with peers presented a challenge for me. My strong sense of independence and self-esteem lead me to comfortably push myself in all areas; however, wisdom and age has shown me that I can only push myself so far without the help of others.

As a novice on the Valdosta State Debate Team, the varsity members possessed experience and skills that eclipsed me into a shadow of intimidation. I had no idea that joining this team would win me a championship trophy in the following months, but by leaning in and engaging, I quickly found myself in an environment where my efforts aligned with a calling higher than myself.

Being on a world class team has taught me the value of cooperation. By being on a team that accepted nothing short of excellent, I appreciated the commitment and expectation to deliver on my promises. I know I can accomplish an enormous amount on my own; however, I would much rather capitalize on the enthusiasm and participation of my peers to push me to places that I have never gone before.


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