The amount of people who should know how to trade by now is disgusting. Many traders study for years but become stuck chasing their tails. Having an edge is only a part of the equation for churning out profits consistently. You can devour trading material for a decade and still be in the red at the end of the day. You need to focus on developing the counter intuitive mindset that leads to success; the playbook that the majority of the masses use will not cut it. If you are not reaching your trading objectives, it is not due to the events or circumstances around you, bad luck or even volatile markets. It is because you create what you expect. How can someone achieve their objectives when they consciously and subconsciously sabotage their own process with excuses and bias? You may work your ever living ass off without producing a single dime, convincing yourself the whole time that you have the right strategy, the right mindset, and that all of your results are due to external circumstances. When you detach your ego and really dig deep down and examine the issue, you will find the missing commitment that is responsible for your void.



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