My Story

This is me: my story. I don’t believe in free time. My mission is to leave this world better than when I left it, and every day I find ways to maximize my time to make this happen. The closest thing to free time for me is sleep and creating/maintaining healthy relationships with other people.
The potential to become financially free is the greatest motivation I have. Not only will I have the power to help myself, but I will have the power to help other people and help make this world a better place.
I know what it takes to be successful at anything, and I want to become successful at trading or I will die trying.
I want to be debt-free,live in downtown Atlanta, have an office walking distance from my apartment, and have a reliable vehicle.
I wake up, read the bible, get dressed and ready, go to work, go to school, study, trade the forex market, watch videos on how to trade, write a blog post or create a presentation about trading, prepare for the next day, sleep, and repeat.

I’ve had 7 jobs and started two businesses over the course of my life, and I am only 20 years old. Hustle is in my DNA. My parents were/are hustlers; they both grew up poor and now they are middle class. I grew up from a blessed situation as a lower middle class American. I always lived in the middle class mindset that we are all familiar with. As a kid I did not know any better, it’s just how I was raised. Nonetheless, my parents were enormous advocates of Dave Ramsey, and his philosophy of saving money, living debt free, and planning for retirement. Growing up with around this mentality made basic finance almost common sense. However, when I was 14 years old I found inspiration at an early age from a book by Robert Kiyosaki, entitled Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book changed my life and my perspective entirely. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur was opened up to me. These people are just mythically entitled to money. No they created value in the market place and the economy rewarded them for it. Radical paradigm shifting ideas. My dad also gave me $100 dollars to play around with in the stock market, and I doubled the amount within 6-8 months. From that point, I saw what was possible and was never the same.
I’ve also experienced addiction in my life. I discovered porn around the age of 9, and it didn’t really become a large problem until I had my own technology around the age of 14 up until about 16 years old. I was arrested for smoking weed at 18 years old, and to cope with probation I smoked tobacco. About a year later, I took up vaping because it was healthier, but I’ve been off of nicotine entirely for about 5 months now.


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