Why Comedians are so Funny

Top performing comedians all have a system for being funny. Remember a time when you or someone you know had a group of peers and colleagues laughing to the point of tears and weak abdomen? We all have the ability to make people laugh, so how do comedians do it consistently? Sure, we are familiar with their huge moments like an HBO special, an SNL monologue, or a talk show special, but we never hear about what it actually takes to master their craft behind the scenes. Before they ever speak in front of a large audience, they ensure the success of their act is guaranteed and bulletproof. They incessantly test the jokes and the punchlines in lows stakes environments like coffee shops, open mics, or small cities in their home town where the crowds are warm and familiar. Comics at the peak of their craft get at this level because they are willing to be unfunny. A LOT. By this I mean absolutely bombing jokes, giving lame deliveries, and plowing through awkwardness. The moments leading up to a skit that leaves people slapping their knees spitting their drinks are some of the most cringe-worthy times a comedian has, but also the most rewarding. The jokes that do work are guaranteed to work again and again, and with some tweaking, they get better.


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