Don’t press SNOOZE on Your Dreams

You hear a buzzing, the pulses are getting louder, shifting from the background of your dream into an audible ring that is smack in your face. It’s time to wake up. We all have alarms at some point, and in my opinion, they are pretty annoying. Nonetheless, without them our mornings would be less predictable and without direction.

Alarms present us with a fantastic metaphor for changing our habits and mastering success. We all need stimulus in our lives. Without the stimulus to eat, we’d starve, and much like our need to nourish ourselves, we need stimuli in order to take action and achieve our endeavors.

Imagine this: How much could you get done with an extra hour every day? Maybe this is more time to read, to study your profession, or to plan out your day. How valuable would this extra hour be if you made an impact with it? The value is priceless, and the results you create can dramatically improve your wellbeing. But here is a little secret; instead of wishing upon an extra hour, why not give yourself this extra hour with the stimulus of an alarm?


Know yourself. Identify you most productive and least productive times of the day.

I will recommend two ways of ways to give yourself and extra hour such as:

  • Setting an alarm to wake up an hour earlier
  • Set aside an hour before bed


Which of these is the best way to maximize your “extra” hour a day? Which will you do?

If you set an alarm for an extra hour what will you do with it?

What gets you excited and passionate enough to make this hour worth setting?

What are the consequences for hitting the snooze button or going to bed without achieving what you want?

What benefits could you gain from becoming more effective and maximizing your time?


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