Forex Trading Workbook: Chapter 3 (Rough) “You want to be on the The Line of Action”

The foundation to base your journey is an all-important strategy to that you must be willing and ready to master. This strategy is simple: identify  the prices that hit support and resistance. Support and resistance lines are are exactly like they sound. Support is your floor, and resistance is your ceiling. How do you draw support and resistance line? capture-gbpchf-oct-weekly

You want them to be where the action is. Your S/R lines are lines of action where the price bounces off of or breaks through.

The way to make money LONG in the market is to buy low and sell at a higher price than where you bought. An excellent LONG setup would be after my first arrow in the picture above, where the price dips and responds to “the zone” or “line of action” and reverses.


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