Recap of Week Oct 1

The best strategy is the one that works. Rather than some magical formula that you haven’t found yet.

The 5 energies of the market

Trend- Check the Oanda volatility charts. Look at the hourly. Anything above a 0.1% change is fine.

Momentum- For an uptrend you want momentum to >0. You also want retraces to be above zero. If not the trend is not strong enough and you have to throw out all assumptions. Draw as trend line on your

Cycle-Stochastic: Use Length 2, D-3,K-5. If it disagrees with your overall trend, then the direction is going to change. Its a leading indicator and use it with momentum. Drawn a trend line for you momentum line and if when there is a cross

S/R-Leverage this with multiple time frames (3:1 ratio) and Support levels

Fractals- Each time frame should be referred to. Used



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