How to Trade-Pivot Point Investments

**DISCLAIMER** These posts are primarily for my benefit, and others can see them as a suggestion. I will give updates on their effectiveness along this journey as needed. If none of these techniques make sense or if you want to know more, post a comment and I will help you out. Have a blessed day! -Carnell, Pivot Point Investments

This entire post has come about because I want to document techniques I will be using for trading in the stock market. Here goes:

TECHNIQUE-I am going to be testing Volatility Range Bars. The key advantage is that they give a different view of the market. “Periods of increased volatility often signify trading opportunities.” The three indicators alongside the Volatility Range Bars I will use are Bollinger Bands, MACD, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

For an uptrend, I want the price bars pointing upwards and touching the top band, I want the MACD above zero and above the signal line (the moving average, it should be above the MACD bars and you want them to cross ideally), I want the RSI to be above 70.

METHOD- I will install Meta Trader 4 (free) and download a free indicator package from and will track my progress using Market