A gentle rant

To my best friend:

It’s hard to acknowledge that you’re wallowing in shit, but once you do you can at least start finding how to get yourself out. Sometimes you have to crawl like Childish Gambino’s song Crawl I,but that’s the devil speaking, “I bet you crawl all alone”. Bruh you don’t have to crawl alone though. At the same time, you have to let yourself suck ass and accept it. I suck ass. You can say this aloud; it’s ok. Just remember that this statement is not permanent nor definitive.What is degeneration? What is this that you feel? For it is Satan himself. His only purpose is this: You can only go up or down; there is no middle ground; no place safe for coasting or indifference. We’re supposed to go down, to fail, to burn, to crash, to destroy ourselves because apparently such path is beautiful in this dark and sadistic way; in a plan that sees no end but the end itself. However, even in our downfall and loathsome disgust, we find ourselves desiring what we cannot have. We can have life beyond ourselves; beyond where we cannot reach. We have salvation, and hope, redemption, and freedom. As your friend I cannot save you, and I won’t try, but this time of year we can reflect upon something immense. The birth of Christ. I’m not one for holidays, but at the same time, in this American consumerist fiasco, we can find a true purpose that’s relevant and powerful.


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